Plumes & Mrs. Peacock

A plume is a a brilliant feather worn as an ornament and a token of honor and distinction. My grandmother Sara Claire Peacock is my inspiration and I am honored to be named after her. She is the definition of style, substance and class. She  turned 100 years old on October 2nd, 2013. To start off the blog I thought it would only be appropriate to share some photos from her centennial celebration. Her party was not complete without forty family members, cake, presents, a luncheon catered with her favorite foods, singing and dancing. I have included some images from the celebration and some of Mrs. Peacock's favorite quotes...

My first try at jewelry making - A leopard beaded necklace. The perfect birthday gift for Mrs. Peacock (she loves leopard and Ferragamo shoes).

After dinner sing-a-long started with Mrs. Peacock's favorite song - "Stars fell on Alabama"

Two generations of Sara's - Sara Claire Peacock with myself (Sara Caroline)

A picture of the sign on the door of my grandfather's shop where he created beautiful furniture for our family. Mrs. Peacock would draw the furniture she wanted and he would make it.

Miss Peacock blowing out the candles of her seven layer chocolate cake